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What Other Respected Artists Have Said:


"T.K. Gardner's incredible attention to detail and his passion for music make for memorable performances."

-Martha Masters, Guitarist, 2000 GFA Winner, Loyola Marymount University Music Faculty

"T.K. Gardner is a multi-talented guitarist who displays a solid technique, sensitivity and warmth. He is a pleasure to hear."

-Jack Sanders, Guitarist, Luthier, Claremont Graduate School Music Faculty

"I had the wonderful privilege to hear T.K. Gardner perform at the Long Beach Classical Guitar Society. His South American program was delightfully colorful and superbly performed. As a guitarist T.K. plays with a sense of grace and ease that can only be accomplished with a solid well-crafted technique. His musicality is a testament to his dedication to the program he presented."

-Michael Nigro, Guitarist, Professor of Guitar, Vanguard University of Southern California