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the photo on this album was created by Minnesota photographer Stephanie Torbert (the web does not do it justice).

  "8x10:8 Strings, 10 Fingers"


This album was TK Gardner's debut solo effort, and featured him playing almost all of the instruments, producing, arranging and writing all of the songs. Michael Erlewine of the All Music Guide described it thus:

"New-age? Light jazz? Adult-contemporary? The 8-string guitar work of TK Gardner may be hard to classify, but it makes for great listening. Too much of so-called space music is just that -- vacuous. Although Gardner's music has that new spacious sound, it also has definition and real substance -- integrity. This is how new-age music should sound."


1. Walkin' Away (mp3)
2. Simply Gone (mp3)
3. Expectations (mp3)
4. One For One (mp3)
5. Villa Hermosa (mp3)
6. Connie's Theme (mp3)
7. 8 x 10 (mp3)
8. Leo's Tune (mp3)

9. K.L.S.L. (mp3)

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