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If you would like to be linked to us, please email us and we will see what we can do. Also feel free to link to us. The more the merrier!


http://www.sandersguitar.com - Jack Sanders' website. He is a talented musician, luthier, teacher and all-around nice guy. He has helped me immeasurably.

http://www.marthamasters.com - Martha was the 2000 GFA winner, winner of a number of other international competitions, and an amazing musician. Go hear her if you haven't already, you will be amazed. She also has helped me more than I can say.

http://trilogyguitars.com - John Silva runs this guitar shop out in Playa Del Ray, CA, and he has a stellar inventory of first-rate handmade guitars. He knows a ton about guitars and the guitar business. Also he puts on concerts in the shop from time to time and the talent that has performed there is astounding. Check it out, get oon their e-mail list for announcements.

http://guitarfoundation.org - You must belong to this organization if you love guitars, the music that comes out of them, and the people who play them. Everyone who is anyone in the classical guitar world belongs and shows up for their annual convention/festival. Join today!

http://myspace.com/thelongbeachclassicalguitarsociety - Michael Nigro and David Isaacs run this group and it is a great place to see and hear high calibre talent. They also have a once a month student showcase.

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