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TK Gardner currently owns 2 classical guitars, one is an 8-string large-body, long-scale guitar (72 cm) made by Steven Kakos in Minnesota in 1980, and a 6-string guitar made by Pepe Romero Jr. out of Del Mar, CA, made in 2005. Both are beautiful guitars and sound wonderful in a variety of settings. The Kakos has a K&K Sound Double Helix Classic System pickup in it for more versatility in performances. The Pepe Romero Jr. guitar is the guitar featured on the classical guitar samples on this website. The Kakos guitar is featured on the new age/jazz samples on this website.

TK also owns 2 jazz guitars, a 70's era Gibson Johnny Smith and a 2005 Sadowsky Jim Hall Signature Model. The Johnny Smith has been fitted with an EMG neck-mount pickup, but the Sadowsky is all original. Again, both are really nice guitars, extremely playable, and sound beautiful. The Sadowsky is the guitar featured on the jazz samples on this web-site.

TK also owns a 1970 Guild D-40 Dreadnought steel-string guitar, Epiphone Blues Zephyr Deluxe Re-Issue, a Tommy Reiser Stratocaster, and an 80's era Gibson RD Artist, the first mass-manufactured electric guitar with active electronics.